On-site training

Dulanco offers on-site training for groups as well as for individuals.

Tailor made programmes according to your organizational or personal needs.

The training includes

  • Introductory meeting where we assess the language level and the goals of the candidate(s)
  • Assigning student(s) to an appropriate level group (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc)
  • Course material
  • An evaluation test after the course, to assess your knowledge for the next round
  • Certificates of completion with the evaluated level


You can chose from the following three training programmes




Group lessons at a location of your choice (your office or organisation) can start anytime between 07.30 to 19.30.

Popular time slots are: before work (07.30- 09.30), lunch break (11.30 – 13.30), evening (17.00 – 20.30).

If you have colleagues with whom you want to study at work, or if you work in HR and you want to organise lessons for your employees, please give us a call or send an e-mail and we’ll make an appointment to discuss the details. The more students the merrier, with very attractive offers for students. It is advised to book these lessons at least one month in advance. Read below some of the enthusiastic commends.

Intensive Individual Language Training

An intensive training runs one or two weeks.

You can make these lessons as intensive as you want but we usually advise a maximum of 25 or at most 30 hours per week with a minimum of 12,5 hours per week.

2,5 (or 3) hours in the morning, a break and again 2,5 (or three) hours in the afternoon.

A nice, well balanced programme in which all language skills are trained: reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar. Depending on your level and needs we’ll put an emphasis on listening skills, on writing or on expressing yourself verbally. If you start from scratch you should at least reach level A2 in 25 hours.

An intake is necessary, and it is advised to book these lessons one month in advance.

If you decide to do the course at our place, a fantastic lunch is on us. There is a nice space with a garden to relax and take a break.

Executive Individual training

Especially for those senior workers with a busy time schedule we offer a flexible course whereby we plan the lessons per week. You can cancel if you suddenly have to travel or if you have a last minute meeting. You pay per 12 lessons and we are 16 times available which means that you can cancel 4 lessons. If you cancel one week in advance it doesn’t count as a missed lesson.

Find out that Dulanco is a reliable and professional in house language trainer – and get confident by reading what a few others had to say about their lessons.