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Why choose us?

After graduated his masters studies at Leiden University, Dulanco was established in 1999 by Gert-Jan Rodermond.  

He started teaching Dutch as a second language in the national school system. 

He wanted to improve the teaching program and he founded Dulanco. 

He develops his unique teachnig methods and materials. 

Dulanco provides language  and effective courses for anyone who wants to learn Dutch.

Inburgering f

Our students include many foreigners and expats who just want to better appreciate their new environment as well as those who wish to pass the ‘inburgering examen’ – the Dutch government’s citizenship exam. 

We can prepare you for the exams in the shortest possible time. 

And we are proud to say that our students always get the best marks in the exams!

h NT2 Exam

We also prepare students for the national ‘Dutch as a second language’ exams (‘NT2′). 

Sometimes this exam is required by the employer. 

If you would like to increase your chances to find a better job on the Dutch market we are here to help you. 

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What will I learn?

The Dulanco language school provides friendly and effective courses for anyone who wants to learn the Dutch language. Our students range from those who wish to pass the ‘inburgering examen’ – the Dutch government’s citizenship exam – to those who just want to better appreciate their environment here in the Netherlands. We also routinely prepare students for the national ‘Dutch as a second language’ exams (‘NT2′).

Dulanco has produced an excellent and extensive range of material suited for students of all backgrounds and aptitude levels. Our beginners programme, teaches students how to express themselves confidently in Dutch shops, restaurants and other social and business settings where Dutch is spoken. Right from the start we practice conversational dialogue.

As the lessons progress and become more advanced, the topics cover increasingly complex scenarios, words and expressions. Learning of the language is closely linked to life in The Netherlands and during these highly-interactive studies, students become acquainted with the culture, history and peculiarities of life in the Netherlands.

If you are considering taking a course and have further questions just let us know by e-mail or telephone: 06 24 607 559 and we can schedule an intake within a week. 


Meet your teacher: 

After graduating with a Masters degree at Leiden University in 1991, and before opening Dulanco, Gert-Jan Rodermond spent 6 years teaching Dutch as second language in the national school system. Dulanco opened its doors in 1999 and since then, more than 6,000 students have received language training from us.

The methods of instruction and course materials produced by Dulanco, are continually improving and always adapting to the changing needs of foreigners learning Dutch. This includes the evolving requirements of the NT2 and inburgerings courses.


What our students say about us?

I highly recommend Dutch lessons given by Mr. Gert Rodermond and Dulanco. After studying different languages in various types of courses, I myself found Mr. Gert Rodermond approach greatly effective, highly professional, well understandable, and easy to follow. Dulanco will make a difference in your learning. It is very pleasant to live in The Netherlands, but it is highly useful to know the language with some cultural aspects. Dulanco courses is definitely a great choice to achieve this goal.


Beste Gert,
This semester was wonderful and I’m looking forward to resuming the classes in September. You made the learning of Dutch both exciting and fun. Thanks to your innovative method of teaching Dutch as a foreign language, I was amazed at the progress I was able to achieve in a few weeks. I would definitely recommend your classes without hesitation to all those who are willing to combine learning and pleasure. I have enjoyed every single moment in your class. Thank you very much.

Mohamed E.K.

It used to be books; now there is software, apps, and varieties of on-line offers for learning a new language. But there is nothing like learning through a dedicated tutor. Gert-Jan is a complete teacher. He combines his skills with uncanny wit and a method that advances seamlessly from the basic to the advanced.
Everywhere in the Netherlands, I easily get by with English; yet I keep taking courses with him because he anchors the teaching of language so well in Dutch culture. That not only makes learning easier but also far more rewarding. It just becomes an enjoyable experience!

Malik, OPCW

Gert is echt een super leraar! Ik heb in alleen twee jaar Nederlands geleerd en nu kan ik het pratten en begrijpen. De lessen zijn grappig en je kan wel Nederlands leren terwijl je plezier hebt.​


I attended a basic course in Dutch with Gert and enjoyed it very much. It was fun and felt effortless. I’m happy that thanks to Gert’s patience and teaching skills, I can now build simple sentences and follow quite a lot of written text in Dutch. I now hope to take another course with Gert to consolidate this basic knowledge and improve my conversational skills.


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Founder Director: Gert-Jan Rodermond


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